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S3C2440 Core Board

he S3C2440 Core Board I is based on the high performance Samsung S3C2440 ARM920T processor which works at up to 400MHz. The board has 64MB SDRAM and 64MB NAND Flash and integrates a wide range of peripherals like Mini USB Host/Device interface, Mini SD Card interface, Ethernet interface, Audio I/O interface, etc. It supports WindowsCE4.2/5.0, 6.0 and Linux2.6 and can be used to many fields, such as handheld device, medical appliance, etc.


  • Fully support Windows CE4.2/5.0, 6.0 and Linux2.6
  • Samsung S3C2440A, based on ARM920T, 400MHz
  • 64MB SDRAM and 64MB NAND Flash
  • Mini USB host interface
  • Mini USB device interface
  • Micro SD card interface
  • LCD Display interface, supports various size of LCD Panels
  • Audio I/O interface
  • Ethernet interface
  • JTAG interface
  • Full-featured communication serial interface
  • Extend all the I/O interfaces, convenient for the further development
  • Variety of power supply methods
  • Dimension: 85 x 54 x 1.6mm
  • Six PCB layers, stable and reliable performance
  • Industrial data acquisition and process
  • Industrial intelligent instrument and meter
  • Industrial control
  • Medical Appliance
  • Network server
  • Handheld device



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