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NXP LPC2478 ARM7 Evaluation Board

NXP LPC2478 ARM7 Evaluation Board

The LPC2478 board is an ARM7TDMI-S Core based, single power and LQFP208 cased LPC24XX series arm evaluation board, with JATG analog debug and ISP programming functions, etc. It features several common function devices, such as keyboards, nixie tube, LED, speaker. This arm evaluation board also provides RS232 interface circuit, I2C memory circuit, USB OTG and HOST circuit, SD card interface, I2S interface circuit, CAN bus, LCD and 10/100 MB Ethernet circuit. Moreover, users can also replace the MCU which is compatible with the board to perform analog debug, such as LPC2468, LPC2470, LPC2478 Microcontroller, etc. The board provides I/O interface and address and data bus interface, which greatly ease users to perform the 32-bit ARM embedded system development.

The LPC2478 is an ARM microcontroller core based evaluation board produced by Embest, operating at 72MHz, with up to 512KB on-chip flash memory and 98KB on-chip SRAM. The board provides a wide range of functional devices like: Ethernet, USB host and USB OTG circuit, SD/MMC interface, LCD, UART, I2C, CAN, I2S, ADC/DAC circuit, which is especially suitable for the development of industrial control, communication, automation, medical appliance. The LPC2400 platform is compatible with LPC2460, LPC2470, LPC2468, LPC2478, etc. The comprehensive software examples and resources we provide for this board will help you quickly start your project development and personal study.
Hardware Specifications

   LPC2478( NXP )??ARM7TDMI-S, the frequency is up to 72MHz.
Internal Memory
   512KB on-chip flash memory, 98KB on-chip SRAM.
External Memory
   64MB Nand Flash, 32MB SDRAM, 2MB Nor RAM, 512KB external SRAM(optional), 16MB SPI Flash Memory(optional).
Serial Port
   Two RS232 interfaces, the serial port 0 includes automatic ISP circuit.
   USB2.0 standard, with status indicator light, one USB HOST interface, one USB OTG interface.
   Support TFT(5:6:5)LCD interface, with Buffer chip driver;
   Support 1602 character LCD(suited for LPC2468 evaluation board)
   Support two-channel CAN bus
   One SD/MMC interface
Audio Interface
   Use audio decoding chip HT28V31, be able to play music directly
Ethernet interface
   PHY chip using the DP83848 of American National Semiconductor, three LED connecting indicator light
Reset Circuit
One reset button, use special reset chip to reset, stable and reliable.
Debug and Download Interface
   One 20 pin Multi-ICE standard JTAG interface, support variable JTAG emulators debug online.
Power Interface
   5V DC power input with power status indicator light
   Three small buttons, eight highlight LED, one buzzer;
   Lead out all the external bus, convenient for customers to expand.
Block Diagram
The hardware block diagram displays the input, configuration, power system, and User I/O on the board. This visual presentation helps you to understand the LPC2478 board components.

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