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ATMEL EB-SAM9G45 evaluation board Overview
The ATMEL EB-SAM9G45 evaluation board is a new released compact board produced by Embest in 2010, based on the high-performance eMPU ATMEL AT91SAM9G45 which runs at up to 400MHz and with 64KB ROM and 64KB SRAM on-chip memories. Besides providing plenty of external memories on board, the EB-SAM9G45 has exposed a lot of functional peripherals including UARTs, hp USB host, hp USB device, Ethernet, SD/MMC, Micro SD, TFT LCD, JTAG, User extension interfaces, key buttons and IIS Audio Input/Output Jack. Meanwhile, it supports Linux2.6 and WinCE6.0, and provides free board support packages (BSPs) of these two OS. The plenty of example programs accompanying with the CD-ROM of the board will make you easily evaluate the functions of the AT91SAM9G45 processor.
AT91SAM9G45 Microcontroller
Atmel's SAM9G45 is a high-performance eMPU with the right peripheral mix and performance characteristics to make it the ideal solution for main powered, cost-sensitive industrial applications such as industrial & building control, HVAC, POS terminals, alarm systems, printers and medical.
 High-speed Connectivity and Intelligent User Interfaces
Combines 100 Mbps+ data rates on multiple high-speed peripherals including HS USB, Ethernet 10/100, SDIO/SDCard, MMC with advanced intelligent User Interfaces (LCD, Camera, Touch screen and audio interfaces).
 High Performance Data Speedway
Features a processor clock running at 400 MHz and a high data-bandwidth architecture based on a 12-layer bus matrix with 37 DMA channels. Dual External Bus Interface supporting distributed on- and off-chip memory.
 Next-generation Memories
Offers DDR2 and NAND Flash support, in addition to SDRAM and NOR Flash, with boot from NAND Flash, SDCard, DataFlash® or serial DataFlash.
 Low Power, Low Cost
Only 350µW/MHz at 400 MHz operation and 8µA backup mode. 3.3V IOs eliminate the need for external level shifters.

Hardware Features
  Support Linux2.6 and WinCE6.0 OS, with free relevant board support packages (BSPs)
 Includes one 4.3" QVGA 480x272 LCD panel with Resistive touch screen
 CPU: Atmel AT91SAM9G45 (based on ARM926EJ-S Core), 400MHz
 On-chip memory: 64KB ROM & 64KB SRAM
 External memory: 256MBNandFlash, 2MB NorFlash, 4MB DataFlash & two 64MB DDR2 SDRAM
 4 x UART interfaces
 1 x UART DBGU interfaces
 1 x high-speed USB Host Port
 1 x high-speed Host Device Port
 1 x JTAG Debug Interface
 1 x 10/100 Ethernet interface
 1 x TFT LCD interface
 1 x SD/MMC card interface
 1 x Micro SD card interface
 1 x IIS Audio output port
 1 x IIS Audio input port
 2 x User buttons
 1 x Wake-up button
 1 x Reset button
 1 x User LED
 1 x Power LED
 1 x 60 I/O Pins User Extention Interface
 Power supply: 5VDC from connector, with back-up battery on board
 Working temperature: -10 to 70 Deg C
 Dimension: 120mm x 90 mm

Block Diagram

Software Features
We provide more than 20 source code test programs and project files under Keil uVsion (MDK-ARM) to evaluate the functions of the ATMEL AT91SAM9G45 eMPU processor, following are listed some test programs:
 Item    Description    Delivery
audio    Read the file from the SD card and then play WAV    source
LCD    Display two picture in LCD    source
LCD slideshow    Display the picture which transmitted over USB in LCD    source
Nandflash    Read and write NandFlash    source
Norflash    Read and write NorFlash    source
Filesystem    Make the DDRAM of 10M into a RAM disk,mount to PC and visit over USB port.    source
Dataflash    Read and write DataFlash    source
RTC    Describes how to use the RTC    source
    Read ane write SD card or Micro SD card    source
usb_device_core    Describes how to enumerate USB examples, and initialize  UDP port     source
usb_device_hid_transfer    Implements a USB device HID transfer examples    source

Software resources in Operating systems
OS     Item     Features    Description
Linux2.6      u-boot    Boot    Boot system
        Tftp    Support tftp transfer protocol
        File system    Support updating yaffs to nand flash
        Kernel    Support updating kernel to nand flash
        Kernel parameters    Support setting kernel parameter
    Kernel    version    Linux kernel 2.6.13
        File system    ROM/CRAM/EXT2/FAT32/NFS/YAFFS
        Drivers    UART, Ethernet, RTC, USB, LEDs, Touch Panel, SD/MMC Card, Sound, etc.
    Network Transport Protocol and Application    TCP/IP    TCP/IP transport protocol
        File transmission    (FTP Client/server)
        Telnet    Telnet protocol
        Web servers    Web network server
Wince 6.0     Bootloader    stepldr    Load Eboot and run the Eboot
        Eboot    Support updating system with USB port
    Drivers    Drivers    UART, Ethernet, USB OHCI, UsB Device, RTC, Buttons, LCD, Audio, SD/MMC Card,etc.
Items    Size    Type    Date
ATMEL EB-SAM9G45 Eval Board User manual    942KB         May 27, 2010
ATMEL EB-SAM9G45 Eval Board Overview    398KB         May 27, 2010
Linux User Manual for EB-SAM9G45 Eval Board    299KB         May 27, 2010
WinCE User Manual for EB-SAM9G45 Eval Board    2.14MB         May 27, 2010
ATMEL EB-SAM9G45 Eval Board Schematic    281kB         May 27, 2010
ATMEL AT91SAM9G45 Datasheet    1.15MB         May 27, 2010
ATMEL SAM9G45 Microcontroller Reference Manual    17.6MB         May 27, 2010
ATMEL AT91SAM Series Microcontroller Selection Guide    277KB         May 27, 2010

Product Name    Part#    Price    Packing list
Evaluation board     EM-SAM9G45    Contact us    1 x EB-SAM9G45 Eval board
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Mini USB Cable
1 x 4.3 inch TFT LCD Panel with touch screen
1 x 10/100 Ethernet Cable
1 x DB9-DIP10 Serial Cable
1 x 20Pins-10Pins JTAG Converter
1 x CD-ROM
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product    Part#    Price    Description
Core Board    MBC-SAM9G45    Contact us    Based on ATMEL AT91SAM9G45, with 4MB DataFlash, 256MB NandFlash, 64KB EEPROM and 128MB DDR2 SDRAM, measuring only 45mm x 52mm.
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