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Services / Studiodienstleistung

Studio - what we offer 

You can test Equipment you´re interested in ( e.g. Brauner Microphones) on high-end analog or digital equipment (List below), enjoy the tipps, tricks and the assessment of an experienced professional audio engineer who´s 30 years in business and worked with outstanding Top Acts and producers.

  • Sounddesign
  • Digital to analog mix on the legendary MCI 500 Desk * ( DAD )
  • Mastering
  • Remastering
  • Restauration of Audiomaterial, Sound to Video, cut, transfer and overwork
  • Optimisation and conversion for streaming formats

Please note that this place is NOT a normal Studio for hire ! Please ask if you´re interested to work here.

Why analog ?

We were Fed up by the clean and dead digital sound, fed up of mousepushing and pixelmoving. Fed up working with technical sounding EQ´s and fed up of staring at monitors that are always to small. And we were fed up of 30 level Software running out of visual control and without any real haptic control ! That´s why we – beside the fact to get the best sounding analog MCI 500 Series desk – decided to go back to analog and to real analog Sound in combination with digital equipment in order to get the best of both worlds and to get the ability to sound different from todays mainstream. In fact we go one step back by using analog devices from the 70th but also go far ahead by combining the digital and analog worlds .

Listen to older Records – wondering why they sound different and still so good ? Well, they ´ve been done analog ...

Let's face it: digital sound is still a compromise of the abilitys to have total control over all parameters and storage and recalling all soundparameters - but until today there is NO daubt that analog sounds better, smoother, warmer and more harmonic. This is also the reason for manufacturers to go back to valvedriven microphones and valvedriven rackgear. Valves add harmonic distortions that our ears recognize as warm and melodic .


  • MCI 500 Desk, 32/8/4/2 Channels, Quad out and full inline, maintained throughout
  • Preamps: Neumann, BFE, MCI, Funkwerk ( 1950), Focusrite
  • Very rare Quad Sony taperecorder (1979)
  • Telefunken M15A - 2 track Mastering machine
  • Alesis 24 CH HDD recorder
  • 24 CH AD/DA Units (MAC)
  • 8 CH AD/DA Units ( PC )
  • 2 Ch AD/ DA by Sony, Akai
  • Compressors: Valve Compressors, DBX , Ridge Farm Boilers and others
  • Eventide 4000
  • Lexicon 1300 Delays
  • Lexicon PrimeTime
  • Lexicon 480 Larc
  • Focusrite Preamp and Compressor
  • Akai DD1000 ( 2x) synced by SMPTE
  • Valley People Keepex
  • Several external EQs, Neumann, Lawo, Korg
  • synced wordclock for all digital devices
  • Analog and digital equipment syncable via SMPTE/VTC
  • Midi Equipment like EMU, Waldorf and Akai samplers & Synthesizers and more
  • Digital Audio Analyzers
  • Endless number of additional Reverbs as those can be used from Nuendo/Logic and special low latency VST players.
  • Additionally we offer several other, very rare analog gear from the 60th and 70th.
  • Mac Pro DAW, Quad-Processor with 30“ Monitor and two additional 24" Monitors
  • 2 x special Core2Duo Audio- PCs with excellent performance, selectable 24 " Monitor

Audio Monitors

  • Yamaha, Auratone, Blue Sky and Saba

* The MCI 500 series is a todays rare but until the 90th very popular Desk. The Company started in the early 70th and the Desk was designed by Harrison who left MCI later to do his own Company. MCI was bought by Sony in the 80/90th. The Console is NOT sounding like Neve or Solid State ( Detlef has never been a fan of those Consoles as they to him smoothen and uniform the Sound ) – it´s more rough and has excellent "musical" filters (EQ) which are until today state of the Art. The reason the MCI 500 became a legend is the typical Sound and circuit design( +\- 32V) of the Desk. Even simply running a signal trough the desk gives sounds an extraordinary shape. Thus saying we are convinced as it was tested and - if you get a chance to see our place - we're sure you're convinced too when you compare signals w or w/o treated by MCI.



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